Full Circle 2021 Club Interviews




For almost 20 years, Trix has been one of Antwerp’s leading concert temples. But like an experimenting teenager, the cultural house is gradually colouring outside the lines. The result: Trix is now a beating heart for today’s generation of young artists and fans, with an increasing emphasis on alternative nightlife events.

What struck you most in the short time since the music halls were reopened?

“The positive energy! Everyone was looking forward to the moment when we could enjoy music (and each other) again without distancing rules and mouth masks. No one wanted to miss the opportunity to see old friends, meet new people, experience music collectively and discover new music together again.”

What makes Antwerp nightlife unique?

“There are so many strong ideas coming from so many different players from a varied array of niches in our nightlife scene. So often, we don’t realize what a luxury that is. Full Circle puts many of these parties and locations under the spotlights, but we should also cherish them throughout the rest of the year.”

What moment of the night do you find most memorable?

“The moment the last visitors have left, when you find all your colleagues after their shift and you wind down together, sharing stories of what just happened. A collective adrenaline rush!”

What was the most memorable moment you experienced in Trix this year?

“Well, 2manydjs in a DJ booth in the middle of our main room during the first La Danza night was an unforgettable moment for all of us. But the most memorable thing for me is catching all these dancers’ faces and discovering how everyone experiences the night. I have a very photographic memory, and the memory of someone going completely crazy, or just enjoying themselves in the zone, is usually how I remember an event.”

What does the future of our Antwerp scene look like?

“Let’s hope that all those who have come up with interesting, striking or simply wild ideas in these pandemic times will find the space to realize them. You can feel that new emphases are being placed in nightlife: lowering thresholds, the importance of safe(r) spaces and diversity are paramount for a new generation of night owls, and this is also having a clear impact in our city. Combined with some healthy Antwerp stubbornness and willfulness, this recipe looks very promising.”

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