Full Circle 2021 Club Interviews



Club Vaag

The experts among us know where to go if you’re into house and techno. With a ridiculously heavy sound system and a spectacular light installation, Club Vaag is a prime destination for those who want to dance away the weekday stress. Now that it’s almost allowed again, you should plan a visit to this nightlife gem in the Eilandje district.

What has struck you most after the short time our clubs were allowed to open?

“The most striking thing must undoubtedly be the enthusiasm of people to be able to go back to the club. Everyone was arriving much earlier than before – and they tend to stay until closing time, making the most of the night. That’s fantastic.”

What makes Antwerp nightlife unique?

“Antwerp is not known for its large number of nightclubs, but what we do have is of top quality. There’s often a very family atmosphere, and that’s something we can be proud of.”

What moment of the night do you find most special?

“That is, without doubt, the moment when we almost close the doors. That’s when all the dancers want a few more real closing tracks, and usually, the DJ obliges with a true classic.”

What’s the most punishing thing you’ve ever experienced in your club?

“That must have been about three years ago when a man in a wheelchair came to visit. Club Vaag is located in the basement of a protected monument, so the building is anything but wheelchair friendly – and unfortunately, we’re not allowed to make any major renovations. This is what we kindly explained to the man, after which he revealed that it was his dream to experience a proper night at Club Vaag, if only for a short while. So our security carried him downstairs; we gave him a drink and a phone number to text us when he wanted to go home. In the end, it turned out to be a hectic evening, and we didn’t hear from him again, so we admittedly forgot about it. Then, at 5 AM, we went looking for him, and there he was, sitting behind the DJ booth with a group of people, who had helped him with his drinks all evening and carried him to the toilet when needed. Moments like these show how beautiful the connecting factor of a nightclub can be.”

What does the future of our Antwerp scene look like?

“I’m happy to see nightlife in Antwerp flourish, although I hope it can also gradually spread to new districts in our city.”

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