Full Circle 2021 Club Interviews




Ask any Antwerp resident where you should go for a proper night out, and this is your answer. Ampere has been a piece of Berlin for almost eight years, right under the train tracks next to the Central Station. With its sleek concrete interior and overwhelming sound system, this is the place to be dance the night away to some solid techno or hypnotic house. So when the biggest DJs pass through our city, they are most likely to be booked here.

What did you notice most when the audience was allowed back into your club after being closed for more than a year?

“During the first 10 minutes, it took some getting used to. After all, you are confronted with an overload of the senses for the first time in years. It felt like a kind of tension we hadn’t experienced in a long time. Throughout the night, it became clear that everyone in the team missed those moments.”

What makes Antwerp nightlife unique?

“The advantage of our city is that everything you need is close by, even other clubs. At Full Circle, this becomes even more clear. All the good venues are within walking distance from each other, so some of us visited 3 or 4 clubs in one evening. That is something we underestimate in Antwerp.”

What moment of the night do you find most memorable?

“A good warm-up DJ is essential for a good start to the evening; they have to know how to build up the atmosphere in the right way. That’s not easy because you really have to know your craft. The atmosphere evolves from quiet, slow and deep in the beginning to a heavier beat that is only unleashed once the club is almost full. When those first party tracks are unleashed on the crowd, you get a massive reaction! That’s the moment of the night.”

What’s the most punishing thing you’ve ever experienced at your club?

“There was this one event where we found a full set of false teeth on the dance floor the next morning. Until today, it has not been claimed by anyone”!

What does the future of our Antwerp scene look like?

“We don’t make any statements about the future anymore. The future is uncertain; we’ve learned that in the by now.”

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