Full Circle 2021 Club Interviews



Club Capital

Like a phoenix rising from its ashes, Club Capital is once again a bustling hotspot for Antwerp nightlife after a decade. Throughout the ’00s, the club played a huge role in our nightlife culture, and today it effortlessly fills that role again. House, techno, hip hop or disco: you can hear it all in this modern peach of a nightclub in the Stadspark.

What has stood out the most for you during the short period our clubs were allowed to open again?

“Clearly, everyone had missed going out. People were ready to dance in a full club again every weekend, escaping the daily grind. Much more than before the pandemic, our visitors party like there’s no tomorrow. A taste of freedom was in the air, and no one takes it for granted. I have also noticed that event promoters increasingly choose Belgian artists for their lineups. As a result, there is a greater sense of connection across the music industry and nightlife fans.”

What makes Antwerp nightlife unique?

“Despite the limited number of clubs, there are still many events in our city that showcase different styles of music and thus continue to appeal to a wide range of target groups; from underground to alternative and commercial. Everyone can find their thing here. The growing diversity and enthusiasm, combined with the international appeal that our city has, makes our scene truly unique.”

Which moment of the night do you find most special?

“For me, the opening of the club at 11 PM11 PM is always a beautiful moment. It feels like the last piece of the puzzle falling into place, and all the stress suddenly ebbs away. I enjoy it each time with peace of mind, knowing that our team is ready to face the storm of the night. Afterwards, it’s always nice to have a chat with the staff, as you can hear all the stories of that evening and blow off some steam together.”

Which moment in your club do you look back on with the most pleasure?

“The best memory so far must be the reopening on October 1. Beforehand, we had worked tirelessly for this moment: a completely new interior, a new light system, a new DJ booth, a new design style, etc. So it felt amazing to see everything in full effect again after such a long break. Afterwards, we received a lot of positive feedback. I would also like to mention a recent goosebumps moment; the superstars of 2manydjs taking over from one of my favourite DJs, Lefto. That happened at the A/Part afterparty, in collaboration with Meryll Rogge, D’Heygere, MOMU, DEEWEE, Kiosk Radio, The Lot Radio and Luckytree.”

What does the future of our Antwerp scene look like, according to you?

“I have quite a good feeling about the future of nightlife in our city. The Antwerp music scene is already taking more steps in the right direction, creating greater diversity in the DJ booth and on the dance floor. Many event promoters keep their finger on the pulse and ensure a healthy mix of events. Our city also has a lot of talented DJs and artists, and I suspect that this number will only increase in the future. Hopefully, our local lawmakers will follow suit, so we can continue to nurture our beloved nightlife scene.”

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