10, 12, 13 NOV 2021

10 - 12 & 13 NOV 2021


La Danza

M I M I is a DJ, Producer , curator & artist based in Brussels, Belgium. Born in Lusaka, she arrived in Belgium at a very young age. She is very present in the Belgian nightlife and has had the opportunity to work internationally as well, including a guest mix for NTS Radio, Red Light Radio and Dj sets in Lausanne, Köln and most recently Paris. M I M I is a member of the Lait de Coco Collective and works as a DJ for Martha Da’ro.
She equally runs and manages The Word Radio.

From raves to art galleries, and most recently working with chorégrapher Nikima Jagudajev during a residency at Kunstenfestivaldesarts2021, M I M I’s versatility will set the mood right in any situation.

Her work is an ongoing conversation with nature, where she gets most of her inspiration from. Exploring her Afro-European cultural heritage through different media, she doesn’t stick to any precise musical style but instead explores and combines continuously, making her DJ sets an organic blend of multiple genres. Looking towards forward-thinking movements while exploring her roots.